Robert E. Prescott Jr. founded the R.E. Prescott Company in 1954. Since our humble beginnings, three generations of the Prescott family have been working to meet the needs of our loyal customers. When customers buy from the R.E. Prescott Company, they buy more than products — they buy solutions. We create unique and innovative solutions that satisfy the demands of an ever-changing water system, wastewater, and water treatment market. The steadfast service we provide, accompanied by an experienced understanding of successful applications, lend credibility to our distinguished REPCO product line. We back all of our REPCO manufactured and distributed products with design and applied engineering knowledge. Our trained and licensed professionals help customers find the right product, engineer the best solutions, and implement practical applications. The bottom line — When you buy from the R.E. Prescott Company, rest assured, “You bought the best.”

Perrin Prescott, President
Russell Prescott, Vice President
Steve Burrows, Sales Manager
Alex Cole, Warehouse Manager
Matt Craig, Warehouse Supervisor

The REPCO Sales Team

Everett Landry
(603) 770-3417
[email protected]

Everett Landry Sales Territory

Bob Dwyer
(603) 770-3514
[email protected]

Bob Dwyer Sales Territory

Brendan Collins
(603) 498-6605
[email protected]

Brendan Collins Sales Territory

Steve Bagley
(603) 395-7147
[email protected]

Dan OHara Sales Territory

Rick Marcinczyk
(508) 320-7360
[email protected]

Rick Marcinczyk Sales Territory

Bill Berube
(508) 341-0786
[email protected]

Bill Berube Sales Territory

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