ENTIPUR® water softeners deliver the benefits of soft, clean water.

  • Hair and skin will feel smoother and have more luster
  • Dishes and glassware will rinse sparkling clean and clear
  • Water lines and fixtures will not build up and restrict flow
  • Stop the unsightly red rust stains of iron and the black staining of manganese


  • Initiates regeneration on water consumption, or on the day and time of your choice

ENTIPUR ® MonitorTM Valve

  • Adjustable Service Reminder: Factory set to yearly and 80,000 gallons used
  • Prevention of scale will result in longer lasting plumbing fixtures and appliances, including your water heater and dishwasher, lasting up to 1/3 longer
  • Water heater efficiency will increase by up to 29%
  • Cleaner, brighter and longer lasting clothes
  • Cleaning products will lather better and last longer

A soft sodium or potassium ion is used to remove hard water ions of calcium and magnesium scale, as well as the staining ions of iron and manganese.

  • Entipur® MonitorTM Valve to regenerate on the day, time and gallons of your choice
  • Bypass plumbing valve
  • High Capacity Ion Exchange Resin Media
  • Fiberglass Mineral Tank
  • Full 1” Internal Piping
  • 18”x33” Brine Tank
  • Bypass connections sold separately
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