ENTIPUR® Patented AirCycle

  • Air release, slow and quiet
  • Air charge, with or without backwash

ENTIPUR® Monitor™ Continuous Treated Water

  • Will not interrupt water use
  • Continues to oxidize iron, manganese and sulfur odor

AirCycle™ Treatment Options

  • AirCycle™ with backwash off
    • Saves thousands of gallons of water
    • Manual backwash cleaning
    • Press and hold Regen button, add backwash for easy cleaning
  • AirCycle™with backwash on
    • Automatic backwash cleaning
  • Can be used with or without a variety of filter medias to suit your needs
  • Ozone compatible

ENTIPUR® Monitor™ Valve

  • Adjustable Service Reminder: Factory set to yearly and 80,000 gallons used
  • Treating iron will prevent buildup in plumbing fixtures, piping, water heaters and other appliances, saving you money in the long run

  • Treating iron and manganese will prevent reddish brown or black staining in bathroom and kitchen accessories

  • No more rotten egg sulfur odor when running the shower or faucet

The Entipur® AirCycle™ uses natural air oxidation to precipitate sulfur odor, iron and manganese. Can be used with or without a variety of filter medias to suit your needs.

  • Entipur® Monitor™ Valve to regenerate on the day, time and gallons of your choice

  • Bypass plumbing valve

  • Fiberglass Mineral Tank

  • Full 1” Internal Piping

  • A variety of filter medias (optional)

  • Bypass connections sold separately

Girl Drinking Clean Water
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